Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Major Case of Senioritis

It is getting to be that time. I have a month left. No, 14 physical days (that means not including weekends) & 86 hours to be exact. Until I graduate. So I've officially been at "senior" status for awhile now but I've finally got that problem.

Think back to the high school days of yesteryear and try to remember how much you didn't give a shit about anything because you basically already had one foot out the door and you'll have a vague inkling of where I am at.

Except I go to school with about 60 girls of various ages, in various stages of life and almost always on their fucking rag. Almost every one of them, to me, at this point, is a person worthy of being bitch-slapped. I almost did it today to this one girl who is mean to people on purpose and just the most immature person I've ever come across. I don't usually judge people by their age but she is 19, fresh out of high school and just not someone I'd consider being friends with. I try and steer clear of her because I'm almost done and really, I'm 26 I don't have time to be teaching little girls when they should or shouldn't open their mouth and that when they do open their mouth if disrespect comes pouring out of it that someone at some point will gladly put them in their place. I'll let someone else do that. I'm not trying to make her into my problem. I'm just trying to graduate and get the fuck out.

I should probably explain that we have a certain number of procedures, that we call Practicals, that are required by the State Board of California to prove that we know how to do hair. That number is different for every type of procedure we do. So anything "thermal" like blow drying, straightening or curling your hair with an hot tool we have to do a certain number of, which is different from the number of hair coloring and/or bleaching procedures, ect. We also have to study each different thing, wet hair styling, thermal styling, chemical services, doing the different types of facials, hair removal (waxing) and different types of nails (just to name a few) from a text book and that is called theory. We have to have a certain number of each of those as well. We track it all on a sheet from week to week with our hours (literally like a job) and that's considered our proof of training which is required to get our license. So I have all of those completed basically, save for like 1 Press & Curl, 1 Manicure for my Practical or Procedures and for Theory it's like 1 Rules & Regulations and 1 Health and Safety, which those two theories we do not get from our book because it's a basic book used in every state and the health and safety and rules are different from state to state so they don't put those in there. Those hours we get from being the lab person (basically the salon bitch/everyone's maid/ mother who makes sure everyone is being clean) or if one of our teachers decides to lecture us on it for an hour. So I'm pretty much done. Anything I do now is extra and pretty much I don't want to do it.

If you know me, you know I'm not a careless person but right now, with Senioritis - I could give a fuck. See gif above, it explains everything. Everyone who I started with has already graduated and I would be too if I didn't have to take a leave of absence for a medical emergency and it set me back in hours. Thanks stupid gallbladder!

We have the option to hold a graduation. It's not like your typical graduation where you wear a cap and gown although my director/principle/the owner of the school claims they have one and they used to make the students wear it. But we get all dolled up - usually in something other than black - have our hair and make up done by other students and then at the end of the day there's cake and we stand up in the back of the Salon area and the students come up and say stuff and usually you have your family there and they can talk and then finally the teachers come up and I'm literally going to have to stop myself from doing this the whole time when my director speaks about me before handing me my diploma:

Then we take pictures and eat the cake. Everyone else will be eating the cake and I'm just going to be like LET ME OUT! It's the day before my birthday and it is another student's birthday (who I like) that day so if I do decide to hold a graduation I'll just have them make it a Happy Birthday cake haha. I think a bunch of us are going out as a joint birthday celebration that night too. I'm going to double check.

The next week my Grams, my mum and I are going to Pechanga which is a hotel and casino down in Temecula and we're going to stay over and play bingo and I plan on drinking my ass off. LOL.

I've also decided that for a graduation post, you know when I actually graduate it is going to be told in Jersey Shore gifs, because they totally apply.

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