Monday, October 20, 2014

Serial Single Sara

I was reading a friends blog because somehow I missed that she had a boyfriend. I mean this guy just randomly started appearing in her instagram photo's and I was like "she was a serial single, what gives?" But I guess, just like myself she dips her toes into the dating pool. She has always been cool in my eyes. Ridiculously gorgeous, talented writer and fun to be around. She has themed birthday parties every year and always goes all out on Halloween.

She found someone who is changing her outlook on love and life. We bonded over our same philosophy of "can't we just date for a while and re-evaluate later?" I always had to have that convo where I was like "Do we have to talk about marriage and kids like we are going to be together forever when we haven't even hit the month mark yet?"

But apparently that whole philosophy has faded away and so I guess I will follow her example and try again. Seems so pointless, so ridiculously pointless and a huge waste of time and energy. But I gotta try I guess.

My mom and my Grams were laying very heavy on the baby talk today. I've been finding myself wanting kids more and more lately. More of that biological clock problem that I never thought was a thing, but oh, it's a thing alright. A terrible, scary, 'da fuq?' kind of thing that just basically jumps out and spooks the shit out of you when you're looking at drooly babies and pictures of chubster kids in cute onesies and thinking about baby names.

"You could name your kid Groucho," my mother says to me after my grams read something from her new computer (it gives her like quotes of the day and news bulletins and all sorts of crap) that was written or said by Groucho Marx.
"I like the name Rowan, it could work for a boy or a girl."
"So make the middle name Groucho so that I can say "hey grouchy" and if your kid complains just blame it on me."
"But what if I have a girl? Groucha?"
"Just name her bitch."

My family ladies and gents! We're hilarious. But then my grams goes with the whole "I guess this won't be in my lifetime" guilt trip and I have to roll my eyes. One thing at a time Grams. Financial stability, then a boyfriend who I hopefully wouldn't mind procreating with and then the babies and spit-up and drool and first smiles and yes lovely names.

Last time I blogged about a guy maybe being a game changer, he ran away so let's not get ahead of ourselves - we are just talking and I am NOT picking out china patterns and the whole naming kids thing was coincidental. But I am talking to a guy and legit talking, not just like "oh hey cutie - sup?" it's actually philosophical stuff like "pie vs cake vs cookie vs brownies vs ice cream: what's better?" and that we both hold psychology degrees so I went all brainiac and nerded out and asked him all sorts of questions about what he likes to study and Maslow and Sternberg and all of this will probably go nowhere but I wish every conversation I have with every guy would go in this direction. Where we would talk and get to know each other through ever evolving and stimulating conversation rather than "come over, lets have sex." Or the other really weird shit I get from dating websites/apps.

Also, tinder is the worst. WTF.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Life Updates

It's been a ridiculously long time since I've updated. Somehow I thought I had a couple posts planned out, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

All that has really happened is that I graduated school (see previous post), I turned 26, went to the casino with my mom and grandma to celebrate both of those events and then the day before I went to State Board to get my license my niece moved in and I've been coping with a new addition to my tiny apartment. Her cat drives me absolutely insane. He's like the worlds porkiest kitty and he is only 4-5 months old. He eats twice as much as my cat and my poor kitty looks like a newborn next to him. It has brought out her playful side so after the week of hissing and hiding they are pretty much besties now. Good for them.

I haven't gotten a job yet. I went on a ton of interviews and it all turned out to be nothing. I've called several places to follow up applications but it was all "sorry, not interested" and that's awful to hear repeatedly. I had a little breakdown over it all because it's been a month since I've gotten my license and nothing is happening.

I don't have any other updates besides this. I need to think of something dramatic to write about but thankfully my life has been significantly drama free.