Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My New Flat

You guys, I did a thing... I have my own place.

Don't judge me but it took me until I was 25 to do it. I've lived in many places. I've lived with friends, I've slept on couches, in my car, in bathrooms, on the street with my Grams, with my mom, ect. But I've never had a place that was mine.

You know what my favorite part is? I CAN WALK AROUND IN THE BUFF AND NO ONE WILL WALK IN ON ME. Alright, I don't do it often but even when I have my own room and my own bathroom I still cover my breasts (even if the door is shut) and race across the doorway to get to my phone from the bathroom. Often because my phone is plugged in on the wall furthest from my room & in the morning if I don't keep myself to a 15 minute schedule I'll leave late. Leaving even 5 minutes later than normal in L.A can result in being an hour late somewhere. It's ridiculous but this is how Angelino's live.

I still need to paint but my kitchen is pretty much done. My bathroom has all my extras - I literally only kept what I would take with me if I were vacationing for a week somewhere. Tomorrow I'm going to take all but my dirty laundry which I intend to finish doing and then save only a weeks worth of clothing from that. Next is all my crafting supplies. I'm a little old lady so I like to scrapbook & paint and do little doodles. Then it's literally my TV, DVD player, computer and big items like my bed, a few tables, two bookshelves and a file cabinet. THATS IT FOLKS! Then I'm fully moved into my new place.

It scares me. You know, when I was having my gall bladder issues I woke my mom up and said "mumma, it's time to go to the ER" and she took me. Now she's going to be at minimum 30 minutes away (that's with zero traffic & by that I mean about 100 cars on the road compared to the thousands that it usually are on it) and if there's a problem I will have to call 911 or drive myself. It's a weird concept and I'm not sure why it matters. It's not like I haven't lived on my own before. For a year and a half I lived 3000 miles from her and had no qualms about it. Maybe it was because I moved away from her and moved that far on purpose, to kind of punish her but we'll talk about that some other time.

I'm not sure what I expect of the new place. Perhaps I'll finally feel lonely. But then I can invite people over and not have to worry about certain things. For example, none of my boyfriends ever really met my mom because I NEVER wanted to bring them over to my house. For one reason or another. When I was dating one guy, my mom and I lived in a one bedroom and she let me have the bedroom and slept in the living room. I tried to sneak in with a guy without waking her up - it didn't happen and so I had to introduce her to my drunk friend at like 3 am. It was awful. After that I have never brought a guy over. I usually don't even let them pick me up if we're going on a date. Now I don't have to worry about that. I can even have sex under my own roof! I have this thing where it has to be just us. I've done it with other people where in the apartment or house, maybe in another room and I was always terrified they could hear. That stuff is private and when you're "in the moment" you don't really think "oh hey can this guys room mate hear me? Am I making a weird noise and not realizing it?" I mean c'mon! Sometimes you're self conscious enough as it is, do you really need to worry about your sounds and inconveniencing another person or people too? But I don't particularly concern myself with this issue because, yeah well, I'm not involved with anyone. So moving on.

I kind of feel bad for my cat. Typical cat lady comment but she hasn't ever been alone before. Since I first got her and her sister who is my moms cat, she's always had a buddy. Shylo, one of my moms dogs chases her around a lot and she's skittish so she just runs from him. I doubt she'll miss him. She never really bothered with Luna (my mom's other dog) & Luna never cares about her and the lizards and bird are not of consequence. But in the new place she will have no friends. Nothing to keep her company or to play with her until I come home and that's kind of sad. Hopefully she does ok but I'll be fucking heart broken if she seems depressed or becomes one of those cats that sleep all the time. Maybe this will be good for her.

So that's pretty much it. I'll take pictures and post them once I get settled in and HOPEFULLY painted.

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