Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oh Hey, Remember Your Blog?

Well, it's only April so I guess that's not too bad. LOL. Hi guys, I've been neglecting you but really I haven't had much to blog about. Here's a kind of brief update on the last 4 months:

  • I went on one date thus far and it was yesterday. It was ok but I couldn't get excited about it. I guess I'm just not into it? 
  • My niece didn't end up staying with me and I ended up at my moms - ugh.
  • I have been to a concert this year, I'm going to another in September so I'm up one show from last year.
  • Still working for Sue. She got surgery so I'm doing her clients while she is recovering. Also working part time on commission for the salon we are at. It's going okay.
  • I've kind of become besties with my bosses grandson. It's nice to have a friend and he's gay with a boyfriend who we can both look at guys and not really compete. He lets me know when it's hopeless. LOL.
  • Speaking of BFF's, mine came out this last week. We did all sorts of awesome things together including TATTOO'S! We hiked, we saw Brand New, we got tattoo's... yeah that's about it. It was definitely too short and I am going to visit her within the year.

But what I really want and need to blog about is boy problems. So, remember when I was all cray-cray over a guy? Well, it's still kind of a thing in my mind. I've still got a lot of pent up frustration and I keep having dreams about him. My problem is, I don't know how to let it go. I chased him a bit in the beginning but he at least was responding then. Now I message him and I get crickets. So part of it is being ignored that I can't stand. The other part is that clearly, we are both single if we're both on a dating site. I haven't been serious since him, with the exception of a month long fling. I REALLY want to shoot him a message that goes along the lines of:

Ok, so you're not replying so I clearly messed up. But you're still single and I'm still single and maybe the reason we haven't found anyone else is because we are supposed to work it out and the universe is saying "hey guys, get your shit together!" I, personally, do not want to fuck with the universe. 

So let's go get drinks and talk. If after one drink you'd rather chew off your own arm than have to speak to me ever again then you can get up, leave, and I will never bother you again. If I see you on the street I'll won't even say hi (but I will hum Gotye). 

 You can chance it with the plethora of crazy that is on OKC or you can have a crazy amazing night with me; your move. Just know  I'm not going to continue chasing you. I feel like I did that in the beginning and that's not how it should have been and it's definitely not how it should be now. But I go after the things that I want but I don't want to wait around forever.

But I'm going to give him a week to respond to my "hey" message from today. It's borderline crazy but I messed up by playing it safe last time. I'm not about to go that route and after this I am done. I tried and I cannot be faulted for that but I want to be chased not do the chasing. Sheesh!

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